Why Video?
martti complete

Video makes an obvious difference.

They say seeing is believing.  It’s as true for interpreting as it is for anything else.  Having an interpreter see your patient and having that patient see their interpreter makes a huge difference.  Here’s how:

  • Body Language – With 70% of communication being non-verbal, when someone is sick or injured, those non-verbal cues become even more important.  An over-the-phone solution can’t convey what a patient’s posture or facial expressions might be saying.  
  • Patient Rapport – Seeing a smiling, helpful interpreter who looks professional and sounds like them makes patients more comfortable, forthcoming and trusting.  
  • Cleanliness – No phone means no handset, and no handset means greatly reduced germ-spreading.  (Our wireless mobile Martti™ is a one-button device that only your staff touches.)   
  • Inclusion – Telephonic interpretation doesn’t work with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing patients.   Sign language on video does.
  • Time Savings – Audio-only interpretation takes 33% longer due to clarifications and reduced context.  That means each patient encounter takes longer, too.  That hurts efficiency and patient satisfaction, and drives up costs.  
  • Compliance – Poor over-the-phone encounters drive providers to opt for easier but non-compliant interpretation methods like staff or family members. LAN offers a second-to-none user experience that’s always 100% compliant.  

Those are just a few of the reasons why video medical interpreting is so valuable.  And why Language Access Network should be the partner you choose to provide it.

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