Our Toolkit

Not just market leadership. Market intelligence.


At Language Access Network, we offer more than just the best interpreting services in the market.   We offer market intelligence about interpreting, too.  From a breakdown of what you can expect from your interpreter to learning opportunities, resources and research, you’ll find it all right here in our toolkit.  So open it up and see what all you’ve got to work with.

Smart Ideas

While we’re awfully darn good at it, Language Access Network hasn’t cornered the market on healthcare communications intelligence. So we give credit where credit is due and gladly share other people’s intelligence, too.

Helpful Videos

Browse through, view and share some of the educational videos we’ve made and collected recently. They’re some of the best quick resources you’ll find on choosing and using video remote interpreting.

Educational Events

At Language Access Network, we’re big believers in continuing education. Big advocates, too. That’s why we’re always creating new training opportunities and hosting events for folks who want to learn more about interpreting, and video remote interpreting in particular. Check out our schedule of upcoming events and join us for one soon.

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