Improve Patient Satisfaction

Our team can help your team drive patient satisfaction.

According to a survey by healthcare information firm Healthgrades, patients’ overall satisfaction with their care experience is primarily shaped by three things:  having a compassionate team of care providers; having access to knowledgeable, competent physicians; and being treated as a human being, not just someone with a disease. Working in tandem with your dedicated team of health professionals, Language Access Network can help with all three.

That’s because to patients who are Limited English Proficient or Deaf or Hard of Hearing, your team’s compassion, knowledge and humanity can get lost in translation. Our team of highly qualified medical interpreters makes sure they don’t. With countless hours of experience in the kind of healthcare encounters your team faces every day, we make sure your patients feel connected, communicated with and cared for. From our experience, that’s the first step toward true satisfaction.

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