Facilitate Proper Care

Seeing is believing.

They say 70% of communication is non-verbal and that the more senses you can involve in any experience, the richer it will be. That’s true of interpreting, too. Hearing a patient’s concern in his native language is one thing.  Seeing the expression on his face, where he points and the other visual cues we tend to take for granted takes it to another dimension.  That’s where video adds so much value to interpreting.

With video, interpreters can see, hear and truly understand the session, which improves comprehension and saves time. The numbers back it up. Studies show that video interpreting is 50% more efficient than audio-only services and reduces communication time by 50%. That means your patient histories will be more complete, your exams more precise, your diagnoses and treatment more effective and your interactions more friendly.

Video medical interpreting is the most time-efficient, care-efficient way to provide critical communication with your LEP, deaf and hard-of-hearing patients. And Language Access Network, with the largest breadth of languages available on video, is the best interpreting service in the market.

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