Great customer experiences aren’t created by companies. They’re created by people. And that’s what makes Language Access Network the best choice in medical video remote interpreting – the people on the other side of the screen.


The best team in interpreting

Yes, our interpreters are highly trained, experienced and qualified. But they’re also the kind of people who understand the demands within a hospital, have empathy for pressured health professionals, and put worried, anxious patients at ease.

They’re not the people you have to talk to. They’re the people you want to talk with.

Industry Leadership

Certified. It doesn’t just mean qualified, skilled and proficient. It means accredited, endorsed and approved. It’s also something that sets Language Access Network apart. Read More.

Higher Standards

What's it take to be a LAN interpreter?  A big commitment, a lot of training and… a big commitment to do a lot more training. That’s what makes our interpreters leaders. They’re just more qualified. Read More.

Join Us

If you’re looking for a career that connects you with something bigger, consider Language Access Network. Read More.

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