Easiest to Use

“As simple as the push of a button.” Heard that one before? Thought so. Lots of products promise it. Martti™ delivers.

One-button simple. Touch-screen smart.

What’s Martti? It stands for My Accessible Real-Time Trusted Interpreter. It’s our fuss-free, hands-free video conferencing unit, and for many of our clients, it’s their new best friend.

Martti is completely self-contained, completely mobile and completely wireless, and it can go anywhere you go in the hospital.  It looks like a little flat-screen TV and is even easier to operate.  Just push one button and be directly connected to a team of the most qualified interpreters in the market. No need to worry about finding phone numbers or the right person.  Just an immediate, dependable connection with us – and your patient.

Being physician owned and led, and 100% healthcare focused, we understand the demands and challenges you face each day. That’s why we’ve created a system that doesn’t get in your way, but rather facilitates your ability to efficiently and compassionately care for your patients.

Connect. Communicate. Care. It’s that simple.

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