Enhance Productivity

Get more done

Do more, with less? It’s not easy, but for better or worse, it’s the standard in the healthcare business and healthcare reform will only make things more challenging. More patients will now be coming to your facility than ever before and their diversity will be unprecedented. Language Access Network understands this and can show you how to turn Martti into the best physician’s assistant you have ever seen. Because if you can’t understand them, how can you treat them?

Our easy-to-use video medical interpreting service gives you immediate access to a qualified interpreter whenever you need one. No wait. No logistical issues. No hassle. Just a push-button and HIPAA compliant connection to a highly trained, medically literate interpreter who can help you communicate quickly and completely with your Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Limited English Proficient patients. So you can give them the best care possible, as quickly as possible. And then do the same for your next patient and the one after that too. Just because our healthcare system may not be prepared for the increased demand doesn’t mean you can't be. Let us show you how we can help you increase access to care and make you the most productive provider possible. See more patients with LAN.

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