The Best Interpreters, Period.

Interpreters you can trust. On-demand.

When you’re in the middle of a medical situation, it’s not just important to have someone understand you. It’s important to have someone to talk to. That’s what makes our video medical interpreters so special. They’re more than just people who can communicate with you and for you; they’re people you can trust.

Why?  Lots of reasons:

  • Training – Every single Language Access Network interpreter completes Bridging the Gap, a 40-hour Medical Interpreter training program, plus 14 hours of Cross Cultural Communications Community Interpreter Training.  They’re also required to take a minimum of 10 hours of continuing education and/or specialty training each year.
  • Certification – Our American Sign Language and spoken language interpreters are either nationally certified or on a path to certification (RID, CCHI or NBCMI).
  • Specialization – Medical interpreting is all we do. We’re a physician-led organization and the only interpretation company in the country with a Chief Medical Officer. Healthcare is in our DNA. 
  • Professionalism – LAN interpreters are video interpreting specialists. They work in a high-tech, professional call center right here in the U.S., and they are bound by our very strict Code of Ethics and HIPAA compliance. 
  • Neutrality – Our interpreters aren’t advocates. They’re neutral. That means they work hard to understand and communicate your needs without bias.  
  • Cultural Competency – Your interpreter not only has a profound understanding of the U.S. healthcare system and U.S. customs, but yours as well. 

So when you need an interpreter, don’t just ask for someone who simply knows your language.  Ask for someone who understands your circumstances, your culture and your needs.  Ask for someone you can trust.

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